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What to expect during your Virtual Appointment

Our Virtual Clinic offers the exact same experience as a Face-2-Face assessment and is every bit as effective in helping you resolve your condition & achieve your goals. Your sessions with us will cover the following steps to get you to reach your goals.

Firstly, we will carry out a thorough Subjective Assessment to hear all about you, your injury, pain, condition & also the goals you most want to achieve. We feel it is very important to get to know you as a person to ensure we provide you with the best possible individualised care. 

Secondly, we will guide you through an Objective Assessment during which you will complete a series of tests / tasks to highlight any relevant pain / restrictions / asymmetries / weakness / mobility issues or compensatory movement patterns. Based on the information gathered from Subjective & Objective Assessments we will present you with the following: 

We will provide you with a thorough understanding about your injury, pain and/or condition 

You will be given a clear expectation of how long your problem may last for. 

You will be made fully aware of all available treatment options and what is your best course of action to facilitate a quick and safe recovery.

We will equip you with a number of Self-Help Strategies so that you can best manage your pain / condition / injury / health & wellbeing.

We will prepare a Comprehensive Exercise Plan with video guidance to ensure you complete your exercises correctly & to suit your individual needs & goals. We will review & progress your exercise program during each of your follow up sessions to ensure a quick & safe return to your desired level of function.