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How does our Virtual Clinic work?

The process is simple.

  1. Once you book an appointment with us you will be emailed a link to a Video Conference Call.
  2. You can open this link on any smart device such as a laptop, mobile phone or tablet to start your virtual appointment.

The structure of your appointment will be exactly the same as if you visited us in person.

There is no difference between a virtual or face to face appointment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Smart Device (laptop / mobile / tablet)
  • Access to internet (wifi / mobile data)

Please make sure that you bring shorts with you if you have a lower limb injury and vest is you have a back/shoulder or neck problem. Make sure you're wearing comfortable clothing and footwear, as part of your treatment will likely be exercise!

Your sessions will last for approximately 1 hour.

An integral part of an initial assessment is to educate patients on their current injury or condition to help explain their treatment plan and facilitate a quicker recovery. If time allows during your first session we will also aim to start rehabilitation journey immediately. 

We believe that Manual Therapy does play a role in an effective Multimodal Management Plan. We will provide you with a number of soft tissue mobilisation techniques that you can carry out yourself at home to help reduce your pain levels & address any restrictions highlighted in your assessment. 

As part of your treatment will be exercise, you might experience some amount of discomfort.

You will be informed in detail prior to your treatment what to expect during and after treatment.

Some treatment can be uncomfortable but at no stage should you be unable to tolerate the level of discomfort. Your physiotherapist will give you clear guidelines on what to expect during and after treatment and what is a normal reaction. If you have any concerns then you should speak to your physiotherapist immediately.

If surgery is required, you will be referred on to one of our consultant surgeons who will then explain the proposed operation.

All patient care is based on informed consent; you will always know exactly what operation you will be undergoing before admission to hospital and will not be asked to agree to further or alternative procedures.

Surgery can be arranged for a mutually convenient date and confirmed upon pre-authorisation by medical insurers, where relevant.

Each session will cost you £50.

You can alternatively book a package of six sessions for £250 (this includes a free session)

If the problem reoccurs, you can call the front office at 020 7563 1234 and book an appointment with the same consultant.